The Winning Orange County SEO Formula for E-Commerce

One of the most significant challenges in e-commerce is ensuring that your online store stands out in a crowded market. That can be particularly challenging for retailers in Orange County because there is a lot of competition, and customers have high expectations. However, fear not! There’s a winning formula for success: SEO services in Orange … Read more

The Ultimate SEO Services Checklist: Essential Steps to Rank Higher and Drive More Traffic

Are you tired of not seeing your website on the first page of Google search results? Do you want to improve your website’s search ranking and drive more traffic to your business? Look no further than this ultimate SEO checklist, packed with essential steps to boost your website’s visibility online.Keyword Research: The Foundation of SEOBefore … Read more

The Difference Between On-Page and Off-Page SEO Services

SEO is about making sure that the content you produce is relevant to your target audience. It means you must also ensure that it has a strong link profile and is indexed by search engines. SEO is a multifaceted process, including on-page and off-page factors, according to professionals. It means that there are different ways … Read more

6 Hints That It's Time to Redesign Your Website

Digital marketing is transforming the way consumers buy products and services. This change has created a new client that demands more than an excellent product or service. People want to engage with a brand and learn about it.An integral part of making that personal connection with the consumer is the design of your website. It … Read more

How to Attract Traffic to Your Online Store

How to Attract Traffic to Your Online Store

Online shoppers are getting more sophisticated, with the average shopper using different devices. You need to attract traffic to your online store by offering a unique experience that will make them want to stay on your website and buy from you. There are many ways to do this, and today we will share some tips … Read more

5 Ways Small Businesses Can Boost Their Social Media Presence

5 Ways Small Businesses Can Boost Their Social Media Presence

Social media is a powerful tool for businesses to connect with their audience and grow their business. But just like any other marketing strategy, you must execute it carefully. Here are some recommendations to improve small businesses’ social media presence.1. Set Clear, Measurable GoalsSmall businesses often have a tough time staying competitive in the market. … Read more

How to Build a Keyword List for Your Business

How to Build a Keyword List for Your Business

When attempting to rank highly in search engines, there are many factors to consider. First, understand how to choose keywords for your business. Choosing the wrong keywords can lead to higher bounce rates and inactive clients. Instead, select keywords that are relevant to your target audience’s intent.Keywords are words, phrases, or topics people type into … Read more

OrthoStop TMJ Specialist in OC

Dr. Robert Pine is a general dentist who has received many awards, and a TMJ Specialist Orange County with a non-invasive treatment on how to treat TMJ Orange County. Dr. Pine has been able to address the clenching and grinding which leads to the pain of the TMD/TMJ and more. An Alumni of U.S.C. School … Read more

6 Top SEO Marketing Tactics in 2020

It’s that time of the year again when we take a look at what’s coming to us ahead of this year in 2020. BERT & User-Focused Optimization In 2019 Google launched the new BERT algorithm and it naturally got a lot of attention. Every SEO company and professional worldwide started learning how to optimize for … Read more

Google Adwords: Because Nobody Ever Went Past the First Page of Google

As an online marketing agency located in the county of Orange County, California, we specialize in data-driven marketing practices to ensure successful organic and paid marketing strategies. Analytical data on all digital campaigns assure higher retention rates and ROI (return on investment) results in the best marketing research practices. We provide vision; thought leadership and … Read more

How Speed Affects Your Website

No matter how great your current advertising campaign is, if you cannot prove the businesses’ return on investment, is it really a good campaign? There are many factors that come into effect during a marketing campaign that can alter the outcome of the overall campaign. When it comes to keeping your website up to speed, … Read more

How Video Marketing Evolved in 2019 and What That Means for 2020

Video marketing in 2019 targeted more action-oriented content. Individuals aren’t always looking for a passive viewing experience, and many viewers are looking for content that’s interactive with the viewers. Platforms have also evolved in response to the shift in the new marketing strategy. YouTube’s product manager, Nicky Rettke explained, “Historically, video advertising hasn’t been actionable, optimizable, … Read more

How SEO Services OC Works

SEO Services OC is a team of marketing experts in all areas of the marketing field.  With our ten years’ worth of experience, there is no doubt working with us will help your practice to grow and expand.  Together, we will obtain new leads for your practice, build a strong online presence, and essentially, make … Read more

Marketing Ideas for Your Practice

Feel like you’ve exhausted all possible marketing strategies for your dental practice?  Think again. Effective marketing ideas go far beyond online strategy and office protocol. There are additional marketing ideas that can really skyrocket your popularity in ways you never thought possible.  Some of these ideas are patient referral bonus systems, getting out into the … Read more

Graphic Design and Product Packaging

Packaging keeps the world organized, whether it is a medicine bottle, a candy wrapper, or a jug of milk. Product packaging starts with a design, as simple or intricate as needed for the project. Most projects are designed within Adobe Illustrator, where the image can then be transferred to a vector format so it can … Read more

Social Media Marketing 101: YouTube Advertising Formats

You’ve ventured out into various forms of ads, whether print or digital, but have yet to discover the possible marketing world of YouTube. If you’re familiar with Google Adwords or Facebook ads then you understand the importance of trial and error. Sadly enough, not many marketers take the opportunity to advertise on Youtube due to fear of … Read more

Social Media Marketing 101: Understanding Facebook Ad Campaigns

The tapestry of social media marketing continues to overlap one another as marketers seek to optimize their business in varying platforms. Amongst them all, Facebook steps ahead of the pack with its 1.47 billion daily active users in search of upcoming trends and products. The competitive advantage of expanding one’s brand through successful ad campaigns can generate … Read more

Five Ways to Grow Any Business

In today’s economy many businesses are struggling to grow and increase revenue. Starting a business can be difficult, and to run your business effectively and efficiently, you need long-term investment, effort, and research. Below are five ways to help grow your business. Getting Creative on Social Media Who doesn’t use social media nowadays? Many businesses … Read more


A-VACA-VAC Industries provides quality service and assurance for all things vacuum. From selling to rebuilding, A-VAC has all your vacuum needs. Their vision is to be the go to resource of all things vacuum, which is exactly what they are providing.A-VAC Industries was started in 1969 by Merlin T. Kirby. He had been working in … Read more

Funny T Shirts Shop

Funny T Shirts Shop was created and founded by Andrew Sanchez, a young entrepreneur and creator.  Andrew Sanchez is not your average high school student. While fulfilling his school load and his young adult responsibilities he also takes his passion for business and making people laugh a priority.  “The bad artists imitate, the great artists … Read more

Top Tubes

Top Tubes is a professional tube service industry that is committed to providing high-quality products. Their specialty lies in Extruded Plastic, ABL (Aluminum Barrier Laminate), and PBL (Plastic Barrier Laminate tubes that give the best tube packaging solutions in the industry. Top Tubes is currently serving personal care, oral care, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, and many … Read more

The Franchise Connectors

The Franchise Connectors is owned and operated by Lauren Grant, an affiliate partner with a professional group of franchise experts.  At The Franchise Connectors their first and foremost goal is to help determine if business ownership is right for clients. They help determine what type of franchise is a good match for them. They help … Read more

JLG Tree Service

JLG Tree Service is a tree service you can trust. Based in Anaheim, California, JLG Tree Service is a team full of highly professional and knowledgeable individuals. They provide a wide variety of specific methods and techniques. JLG Tree Service understands that every tree and every property requires a unique need for care and maintenance. … Read more

Video Content is Taking Over Marketing

What once was considered modern, old content techniques such as direct mail, flyer handouts are now becoming outdated and digital practices are beginning to take over. Youtube has become the most popular video streaming platform, video ads have ever become more important to keep the audience engaged and interested. We will go over the type … Read more

How Blogging Optimizes Your Company’s SEO

You may be wondering why there are numerous companies that optimize their blog as a priority when you don’t see any results at an external level. It’s not uncommon for well-known companies to launch a blog within their website as an SEO tool since blogs are known to boost one’s company. Companies similar to Google, Facebook, and … Read more

How to Increase Patient Volume

Optimum patient volume is what every medical practice owner strives for. The patients are what help the practice pay the bills, keep your reputation afloat, and determine whether or not your practice is successful. Increasing patient volume is not only hard but bank-breaking.  It is important to make your targets a real priority; otherwise, your business … Read more

How to Get Good Reviews from Your Customers

Your business is booming with ever-changing practices to maintain your customers’ interest. However, you seem to face one issue regarding possible new customers, they research reviews heavily, including the negative ones. Businesses with remarkable services are all halted once negative reviews come into the light. It can be difficult for a business to know their … Read more

Free Vending

Free Vending was founded in 1989 on consistent of reliable and first class service in providing vending machines, vending service, full service vending and coffee services.Free Vending is the leading Dallas Vending Service company, and can handle all your vending service and vending machine needs, from daily servicing to weekly servicing our vending equipment. We … Read more

Water Leak Detector USA

Water Leak Detector USA is a sister company of California Building Innovations that specializes in detecting, repairing and preventing water leaks with precision leak detection technology. California Building Innovations was looking to expand their services by adding leak detection, repair and prevention to their business. Our team at SEO Company OC recommended making a new website … Read more

ARP Contractor Corp

ARP Contractor Corp. helps property owners build their dream homes and buildings. With over 35 years of experience within the construction field, using the industry’s highest-quality materials and appliances to increase market value of homes or business.AARP CORP wanted to reinvent their website to attract more traffic and potential customers. For this, we created new … Read more

O2 Relief Website

O2 Relief is a local company that sells more than 20 models and major brands of portable Oxygen Concentrators. The difference between O2 Relief and other companies is their showroom were the offer to their customers the opportunity to touch and interact with the oxygen concentrator before the final purchase. O2 Relief also implements the … Read more

Roof Replacement CA

Roof Replacement CA

Founded in 1985, Roof Replacement CA is adept with the experience, knowledge and skills to properly meet all of your roofing needs. Roof Replacement CA offers free roofing inspections as well as financing options, payment-plans and low monthly payments. Roof Replacement CA uses the highest quality materials with a 30-year durability guaranteed. Using the industries … Read more

California Building Innovations

CBI SEO Portfolio

California Building Innovations provides all engineering, designing, and contracting, in addition to all necessary coordination with the Los Angeles county and all of Southern California for your needs. CBI has been trained and certified by FEMA to help property owners in Los Angeles and surrounding areas receive retrofitting grants. Their team of contractors, engineers, and … Read more

Vista Mar Investments Website

We developed a brand new, custom website and original content for Vista Mar Properties, which is a real estate investment company that works in flipping houses. Now, when potential investors visit their website, they will see a mobile-friendly website that includes excellent before and after pictures.Since the new website has launched, calls havedoubled. We are in … Read more

Nail Salon in OC Website

Tammy has 20+ years of experience in the nail business. She specializes in acrylic nail enhancements.  She has completed the required courses and workshops with one of the nation’s top training academies.  This involved one-on-one instruction of every brushstroke, the correct ratio of powder-to-liquid application, manual filing and fine detailing of every nail created! Tammy … Read more

Hidden Mesa Website and Branding

Our client project is to create a manufactured home community with a feeling of an upscale lifestyle in an efficient space without leaving style and comfort out for the customers. Taking those points in mind we create the brand for the community with a modern contemporary feel.We work with our client to create content that expresses the benefits of a community … Read more

Mobile Home Title Loans New Website

Our client wanted to change the image of their website for a new clean style while keeping the same layout of the old website to not confuse their old users.We simplify the layout and the focus point, reducing the use of color to the 3 with their values. We also give a revision to the logo … Read more

JBD Real Estate Tutor Website

Jeremy Diaz began to give tutorials to help people who want to start their career in real estate, but who are having problems with the California Real Estate Exam. The goal for this project was to give exposure and bring Jeremy Service to the first page of Google.We create this website, in a simple and … Read more

Mary Anne Floral Design Website

Mary Anne asked for a custom website to match her business’ style and brand. Not only to be used as a showcase of the floral creations but also to be an online shop where the customer could order the floral arrangements to be delivered.We create custom code to suit our client necessities in the front … Read more

Orthodontic Center Landing Page

We created a responsive landing page for the Orthodontic Center in Orange County, focusing solely on the needs of the client. We added state-ofthe-art tracking which included real-time monitoring with the analyzing of demographics. This way, we were able to see within hours whether or not our landing page was working and generating leads.Once the … Read more

Strategic Business Loans Website

Strategic Business Loans is a company that was looking to create a brand and a website to increase their loan submissions. We created a clean and responsive design focusing on the attractiveness, friendliness, and freshness in order to appeal to small business owners in the Orange County area that are in need of a business … Read more

Orthodontist and Braces Website

Thanks to our joint work of great service and successful marketing campaigns, Orthodontic Center in Orange County opened a third location in a highly known shopping center in the central region of Orange County to cover the clientele that had as a restriction the distance to the previous offices. For this new office the official … Read more

Personal Loan USA Website

We created the Personal Loans USA entire brand, due to the fact that they are one of our referral partners. We used the colors and icons of the USA flag to complement the specified brand name, while also creating a sense of trust in our design for the borrower.  We also integrated marketing automation and … Read more

Loan 4 Title Website

Loan 4 Title is a company that was in need a website that would be able to compete with all emerging websites targeting car title loans. We were contacted by them because their previous website was slow and not mobilefriendly, which was not helping their Google Organic ranking.We created a website that was simple. It retained … Read more

Invisalign and Braces Website

Our client, California Implant Smiles, had so much success from our online campaigns that they decided to open an entirely new location rather than simply expanding to the adjacent suite. Throughout our consultation, we advised them to open a new location in a mall instead of expanding the space they currently had.  The mall is … Read more

Mobile Home Title Loans

From our initial keyword research for Mobile Home Title Loans, we discovered that people also search for Mobile Home Title Loans. We presented this data to our client and got them on board with the continuation of this project.Once the client was satisfied with the results for we pitched an all-new business concept. The … Read more