I was looking for orange county seo for the company I work for which focuses on foundation repairs and concrete repairs. They sat down with myself to learn about my business and ways to get our phones ringing again.
They first gave us a list of over 700 keywords for use to choose from. Then they created lots of campaigns in Google Ads targeting specific keywords and made sure the landing pages were fast and looked good. That immediately got our phones ringing, it was literally like night and day. Our previous marketing company was not doing anything like this and was targeting broad keywords.
In the meantime they were working on SEO for the website but we are now coming up in the first page at the very top of keywords. For example "cliff foundation repair" click on the first website and you'll see there company stamp in our website's footer.

Thanks everyone at seo company oc for helping us with our online marketing and here is the review I promised you guys if you wowed us.

I found SEO Company OC on Yelp and hired them to create an SEO and mobile-friendly website for my mobile dog grooming website. They went above and beyond my expectations for my budget and I am absolutely bewildered at their passion behind all of their work. I highly recommend this business and wish Yelp would show all of their wonderful reviews that are hidden. This company is truly a hidden gem, I've worked with other marketing companies in the past and none were as transparent as them. Great company, I highly recommend. I am starting a new SEO contract with them as well as soon as the pandemic is over, they have helped me generously gain a bunch of new clientele. Thank you SEO Company Oc.

I own a local flower shop in Orange County and I was searching for SEO contracts to help bring in more customers. I called a few companies before I called SEO Company OC and they all wanted to lock me into a contract and I felt like they just weren't being honest about their services with me. I finally called SEO Company OC, which I should have done immediately the first time, and talked with Max their SEO specialist. He was extremely knowledgeable about SEO and other ways to help optimize my website. It gives me great peace of mind knowing he has been doing this for the last decade and didn't try to lock me into a contract either. He genuinely cares about the well being of your business which is a pleasant change to most other marketing companies. I started my SEO services about 3 months ago and have already started to see an influx of new customers in that short amount of time, even during the pandemic when we only started offering curbside pickup. I am totally impressed with Max's dedication, skill, and knowledge of SEO and am really happy at all the new business I have been receiving. Once we are done with the pandemic and COVID is no longer a threat I plan on starting his Google Ad services as well. I can't recommend SEO Company Oc enough and I am extremely thankful for all that their entire team has accomplished for me and my business. Thank you everyone for all of your hard work, I can't wait to start my Google Ad services, hopefully, soon!

I reached out to Max 12/2018 because I was looking to get a basic website designed. Some issues came up and I wasn't able to start my side project for an entire year after I had reached out to him. I looked around and got some more quotes, spoke to some other companies that offered web design and SEO services in Orange County but nobody could get me the the results I wanted within my budget. I called Max after a year and he had my new website done within 2 weeks of my reaching out to him. His prices are beyond competitive and his work is flawless. I am going to start my seo services this month and can't wait for him to get me to the top page of google.

I'm really happy with my ecommerce website and can't wait to start getting more orders. Thank you!

I needed a company to help me start ranking higher on Google and other platforms. I contacted Max and we had a meeting set up in his office within the next week. I was able to go over with him my entire image I had in my mind and he was able to lay it all out for me and explain everything in terms that I actually understand.

We chose to optimize my WordPress website for search engine optimization and be able to organically bring myself to the top of Google without the help of Ads.

I chose to also use Google Ads with a smaller budget for now because I have never done Ads like this before but Max assured me that he will bring my website more business with his techniques.

His team was very nice and they even created me a new logo to help with my new vision. I think I will have them eventually create me a new website as well because everything they have done so far has actually worked and I have never been more thrilled to actually see a return of investment. I highly recommend SEO Company OC because they actually know what they're doing and their main goal is to bring you more business and make YOUR business a success. I got the jackpot here!!

My dad needed a new website for his home remodeling business but he is way behind times and didn't realize how fast his website went out of date even if it's only been 3 years since he created it. After loosing contact with the guy who made his website he started looking for someone else to make him what he wanted with the ability to manage the website monthly with new images and content.
He went with a really simple website but max from seo company oc was able to optimize the entire website for him and provide him with a new logo for his business just in case. It's only been a month since he redid his website and he didn't even opt for the SEO packages they offer and he is already getting new organic traffic to his site. He's thrilled with the website they did for him and hes seriously considering SEO now that he sees what can happen organically.
Stop looking for a marketing company to handle your business, look no further because you found one and I PROMISE they will not disappoint!

My girlfriend recently started her own gardening company that buys and sells rare plants etc. While her clientele base is mainly through Facebook she wanted to give her customers an opportunity to purchase directly through her website for a more professional experience.
SEO Company OC built her a website with a shopping cart from scratch! They were very competitive with their pricing and went above and beyond to make sure she was happy during each step of building her website. She is now continuing SEO to get more people onto her site but she is absolutely thrilled with the outcome she's seen in the last few months with her new projects. We wanted to stay local in SoCal because outsourcing your marketing needs can be a pain, and we were thrilled that we did, we now get monthly meeting to go over her ROI and everything else. SEO Company OC goes above and beyond your expectations to ensure you're happy with their services. Thank you all again tremendously, she wouldn't be this happy without you.

SEO Company OC was able to create me a new website from scratch and help me start on Google Ads as well. My business has been in the industry for the last 6 years but with recent websites emerging selling most all of my products online I've been struggling the last year or so trying to compete with their prices. Max from SEO Company OC was able to bring my website to the first page on google and bring me in at least 25 new potential clients each week.
Within the first week I was able to see results through the reports to see my return of investment. He did everything he could to help me maximize my profits and continues to give me great business advise.
I've recommended Max and his company to all my friends and family looking for Orange County SEO companies. He knows what your business needs and wants to help it reach its highest potential. I wouldn't have made it to where I am today without SEO Company OC's constant help.

I hired SEO Company OC to help me with a few graphic design projects I needed done for my buddies business. Each idea we gave them, they made it come to life. They were very quick to make any changes that we wanted and were extremely professional with their work as well. Their entire team at SEO Company OC are all very talented with the work they can accomplish with little to no direction.
They were able to work with us on pricing and were able to beat their competitors pricing while still delivering phenomenal work at the end of the project. We have tried a few other graphic design companies to help with smaller projects but nobody is as talented as their team. Keep up the good work, we cannot wait to work with the whole team again in the future.

Max and his team of graphic design and web designers were able to completely revamp my business! I have a startup company and was completely taken advantage of by another company (we won't say any names) and SEO Company OC was able to completely fix everything!
They were able to make me a new logo, a whole new website and even gave me some awesome tips for my social media posting as well. They have monthly packages where they host your social media, SEO and more all with NO CONTRACTS! What!!! They understand the every day struggle people like me have with finding a trustworthy company that wants to better my company.

They have done my business wonders already and I can't wait to keep working with them over the next few months!

Max and his entire team at SEO Company OC were able to help me grow my business tremendously and I wouldn't be where I am today without them.
They were there to help and assist me with any questions/concerns I had and even provided in-house assistance a few times a month when I was having trouble with my computer and needed help with additional video production for our online video advertisements. Everyone was extremely conscientious handing my account and went above and beyond to always ensure I was happy.
We saw updates and changes on our website daily where as a lot of competitors can take days or even weeks to complete a simple task. Thank you so much everyone at SEO Company OC!! We cannot thank you enough for all you have done for us.

Max and his team at SEO Company OC were able to help me grow my business tremendously and I wouldn't be where I am today without them.

They were there to help and assist me with any questions/concerns I had and even provided in-house assistance with their account manager when I was having trouble with my computer. Everyone was extremely conscientious handing my account and went above and beyond to always ensure I was happy.
We saw updates and changes on our website daily where as a lot of competitors can take days or even weeks to complete a simple task. We have had continuous leads generated from our new website and are even able to watch our business grow from the back-end of our site to see which Ad's are preforming well.

Thank you so much everyone at SEO Company OC!! We cannot thank you enough for all the hard work you done for us, and will continue to do for our company in the future.

I work at Orthodontic Center of Orange County and SEO company OC got us to the first page of Google within a short period of time. If your looking for good SEO services this is the company to try first.

When we need updates to the website they are done withing minutes and not days like our old company. You will also get your own rep to make changes/updates much faster.

Thanks again everyone at SEO company OC for all of your help!!!

*Updated Review
They really helped my friend get to the first page of google. Now if you Google "real estate exam instructor" you'll see that comes up on the first page. Thanks everyone at seo company for helping my friend out.


Everyone at SEO Company OC were a huge help in getting my boss' website to the first page of Google to the first page. No lie if you search right now for "california real estate exam tutor" his website is on the very top of the search results. We have other keywords that are on the top page but this is just one example. We started seeing the results of all of their hard SEO work in about 2 months which was fantastic. They also helped us in designing our website, pictures, and with blog posts. All we have to do is approve or slightly change the proofs when they come in.