How to Increase Patient Volume

Optimum patient volume is what every medical practice owner strives for. The patients are what help the practice pay the bills, keep your reputation afloat, and determine whether or not your practice is successful. Increasing patient volume is not only hard but bank-breaking.  It is important to make your targets a real priority; otherwise, your business could be in danger. In previous blogs, we’ve discussed how to attract more new patients and how to utilize some interesting marketing ideas.  Now that you’re well-versed on these topics, let’s talk about some unusual, but effective, ways to increase your patient volume.

The first method for increasing patient volume is service and product bundles.  Combining some or all of your services and products together into one larger package is a super effective promotion to attract new patients. Everyone today is on some type of budget and looking to score a good deal, however, whenever, and wherever they can.  These types of promotions should usually only be held for a short period of time (forty-eight to seventy-two hours).  The short-lived nature of the promotion will encourage people to act more quickly.  If they are given a couple of weeks to claim their offer, they will likely put it off and then forget about it altogether. Offers such as these have serious revenue potential.  There have been reports of practices bringing in almost twenty thousand dollars in cash collections within just a couple of days that the promotion was being run.  That number speaks for itself – the public responds to promotions and price cuts on an extremely large scale.

The next method is also a discount/promotion-driven method that works like magic.  In addition to the bundle promotion, it is a good idea to offer a limited-time discount of any of your services.  Similarly to the bundles, giving people a deadline and a time frame in which they have to respond will result in a higher volume of responses, as well as much quicker responses.  So, imposing a forty-eight-hour time limit on your discount can cause your conversions to multiply faster than you may have originally thought.  Something like this is most effective when it is done every four to six months.  It is definitely not a great idea to do this every couple of weeks; the odds of you increasing your conversions time-to-time only decreases with more frequency.  Additionally, making the discount applicable to any and all of your services will target every kind of patient you could possibly have at your practice.  Overall, this is another great idea that will have you seeing great amounts of cash coming in a short period of time.

The next method is to release updated versions of your products (if applicable).  As you already know, it is important to stay on top of the newest technology in your field and to keep your practice as up-to-date as possible.  It could be a good idea for you to start developing your own products to be sold for more passive income. This also has great potential to generate a ton of additional revenue.  For example, if your product is an audio course or some type of online app, every time there is an update or a 2.0, you have the opportunity to re-launch it to your patients and/or subscribers.  This is a great business method that brings you an incredible amount of exposure on top of the additional revenue it will generate.

The fourth method is an event-based promotion.  In addition to being lucrative, marketing a product or service around an event can also be a ton of fun for everyone.  This is even applicable to themes or holidays and can be super engaging for patients and staff.  Even keeping track of your patient’s birthdays and sending out cards with offers can result in referrals due to the overall positive experience of an existing patient. Application of the above strategies will undoubtedly yield a great jump in revenue, exposure, and, in turn, new patients for your practice.  While some of this may be out of your comfort zone, it is important to remember that some of the best ways to stay relevant in today’s society are to implement ideas that are a little bit out of the box. So, what are you waiting for?  Contact us at SEO Services OC to learn more about how you can start your unique marketing tactics and see your patient volume skyrocket!

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