Social Media Marketing 101: Understanding Facebook Ad Campaigns

The tapestry of social media marketing continues to overlap one another as marketers seek to optimize their business in varying platforms. Amongst them all, Facebook steps ahead of the pack with its 1.47 billion daily active users in search of upcoming trends and products. The competitive advantage of expanding one’s brand through successful ad campaigns can generate the most revenue for a business. But, if you lack the experience and knowledge of how to construe a Facebook ad, you may be limiting yourself to exploring an untapped pool of customers.

We, SEO Services OC, will guide you through the process of Facebook ad campaigns with helpful tips so you could watch your company flourish in profit.

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Why Advertise on Facebook

Facebook has a whopping number of 1.47 billion daily active users who are advertised every second of their activity on Facebook. The amount of users in a daily basis is uncanny on the potential an advertiser could reel from, with not only Facebook but, the combination of marketing on Instagram and Facebook simultaneously. It’s time you tap into the potential of new clientele and advertise on Facebook.

Constructing a Facebook Campaign

  1. Facebook Business Page: It’s important to have an eye-catching Facebook Business page of a high-res company logo, a good amount of content posts with either video displayed or images, and quality reviews of previous customers. In order to have a successful campaign, an advertiser needs an appealing page for potential clients who seek affirmation in your service or product.
  2. Campaign Goal: Understand each campaign goal is vital to performing a successful advertisement. Each individual goal plays a significant part in how your company can flourish from its tools. Prioritize which goals can boost your business the best and then begin the trial and error of each campaign.
  3. Target Audience: Who purchases your products/services? Successful ads and knowing your target audience goes hand and hand in pinpointing how your ad will approach its audience and what’s your content’s direction is vital. Research the demographics, interests, habits, and careers of your audience’s profiles and know which approach is best to target them.
  4. Video/Images: Facebook allows advertisers to customize their ads, within restrictions, to best optimize click rates. Video ads allow up to 45 minutes of viewing time in an ad but to maintain the interest of your viewers, most marketers range in 30 seconds to a minute-long video. If you find the video time frame is too limiting then your best off with an image advertisement.

Facebook Campaign Setup

We will help our clients reap the profits of Facebook campaigns by setting the campaign with visual materials to catch the audience’s attention. We have professional advertisers who can help you broaden your clientele, so, take the opportunity to contact us now for an optimal campaign launch.

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