Invisalign and Braces Website

Our client, California Implant Smiles, had so much success from our online campaigns that they decided to open an entirely new location rather than simply expanding to the adjacent suite. Throughout our consultation, we advised them to open a new location in a mall instead of expanding the space they currently had.  The mall is a very hightraffic establishment that attracts all kinds of people every single day.  We knew that, in this location opening, they were only going to receive more clients and more visits to both their website and their physical office.  We were correct in advising them to do this; their second location has taken off the ground and is doing very well.
Overall, this created more online exposure and targeted additional keywords in Google and Yelp. We helped them to manage this new project and open a whole new location. With the grand opening, we also completed a new website that targeted hot keywords from our previous keyword research done for them.

Invisalign and Braces in OC Website